• Futuristic design elements
  • Includes a large, prominent screen


  • Functions as a single terminal
  • Enables extensive connectivity


  • Slick and compact design
  • Functions as a stand-alone unit or integrates into fixed structures

Bar Top

  • Equipped with a 23-inch display
  • Supports simultaneous betting, multiple card games, and connections to live tables

VIP Terminal

  • Equipped with a 27-inch display
  • Available with USB chargers, massage functions, and a food tray

Roulette Wheel

  • Space-efficient and high-impact design
  • Features wheel-based games, including Roulette, Sic Bo, and Craps

Big Wheel

  • Features a bonus game with potential wins up to 1000x the initial bet
  • Seamless connectivity with existing games

Live Tables

  • Offers a range of customization options and game selections
  • Features fully automated security systems


  • Customizable
  • Available in 5, 6 or 8 stations

Lucky 8

  • Compact design
  • Fresh and modern design aesthetics


  • Ideal for small-scale gaming venues
  • Features four 23.8-inch displays


  • Seats 5 players
  • Features five 23.8-inch displays


  • Seats 6 players
  • Features six 23.8-inch displays


  • Seats 10 players
  • Features ten 23.8-inch displays


  • Seats 12 players
  • Features twelve 23.8-inch displays

Black Jack

  • Fully automated
  • Integrated high-level security system


  • Curated from various manufacturers specializing in casino chairs.
  • Designed for player satisfaction.

LED Walls

  • Choose between a UHD public display and a LED display
  • Customized frame construction

Wall Display

  • Immersive gaming with wall display
  • Dynamic jackpot and animations


All cabinets boast the capability to seamlessly connect to 32 concurrent games, operating in live, auto, and virtual modes. Each cabinet presents a diverse game selection, allowing simultaneous betting across multiple games, split-screen functionality, tournament gaming, side bet opportunities, and participation in progressive jackpot systems.

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